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2CV oil filler neck
The oil filler neck. Here a flatter valve is inserted, which provides the running engine with negative pressure in the crankshaft housing. That prevents withdrawing of oil at the crankshaft. This flatter valve can't be exchanged individually. If it is defective, the entire filler neck must be replaced.
Additionally with the oil filler neck the clamping arm for the attachment of the generator is fixed (top of the photo).

2CV generator
The generator is fastened with a long screw at the manifold and with a short screw at the clamping arm.

2CV carbon contacts generator
The carbon contacts can be removed after loosening two screws of the plastic mounting plate and exchanged if necessary. The connections can be seen here.

2CV fan
This cover belongs to the front of the generator.

2CV fan
The fan is screwed directly on the crankshaft. The wheel propels the generator by the fan belt.

2CV fan
The screw is to be processed with a thin 14er nut or an appropriate tube wrench.

2CV disassembly fan
Proceed as follows to the disassembly:
After loosening the screw of the fan it's usually still quite firmly on the crankshaft. If you don't have the suitable puller handy, proceed as follows. Put the extension of a 1/2-inch ratchet in the fan and knock SLIGHTLY on it with a small hammer from above, right, down and left. Don't hit hardly! The impacts will transfer directly to the crankshaft and we don't want to destroy it. Be careful with light impacts if necessary several times clockwise, until you achieved your goal

2CV air cleaner box
The air cleaner housing is fastened to the tie bolts of the engine and with a third point directly to the gearbox.

2CV air cleaner housing
I exchanged the original oil filter after run-in period of the engine (1.000km) with a larger one. In order to be able to use the big one, you need an appropriate adapter. The advantage is a somewhat lower oil temperature because of the approx. 500ml larger volume.

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