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2CV hand brake
The individual parts of the hand brake. The two bowden cables are from differently length. The longer one leads to the brake on the driver's side, the shorter to the brake on the curbside.

2CV emergency brake
Here the mechanics can be seen in the inserted condition. I installed the longer course in this photo on the curbside. The consequence is, that the short cable on the driver's side cannot be led in sufficient distance around the manifold (here not inserted, otherwise I had noticed my failure)! I had to change the two cables later in their position...

2CV handbrake heat protection plate
The longer cable is protected by a small plate which is mounted with the clamp between heat exchanger and front exhaust silencer.

2CV adjust hand brake
Adjusting the hand brake:
Loosen the adjusting (5) and lock nut (4) of the push pull cables first and loosen the fixing bolts (2) of the eccentric screw.
Now turn the eccentric screw (1) until the place of the maximum clearence is reached, i.e. until the linings are mostly distant from the brake disks.
Turn the eccentric screws in direction of arrows (green) until the lines strip very slightly at the disks. In order to examine that, either jack up the front wheels and turn them or push your car one turning of the wheels.
Tighten the fixing bolts (2) of the eccentric screw carefully so that the eccentric screw does not rotate simultaneously!.
After the eccentric screws the bowden cables are adjusted now. Put the hand brake grasp in the third slot and adjust the nuts (4) of the push pull cables to both sides so far that easy braking action is to be felt. In the fifth slot of the grasp the wheels must block.
The overlaying lengths of the threads (6) of the push pull cables should not differ to no more than 5mm on both sides now.

2CV adjusting hand brake
The eccentric screws in large exposure.

2CV brake lining
Unscrew the excentric cams and loosen the brake levers for the replacement of the brake linings of the hand brake. Now the brake lining can be squeezed out with the help of a thin screwdriver or with a knife. Subsequently, adjust the hand brake as described above again.

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